13 Chemical NonEquilibrium

School of aerospace engineering model for k in

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Unformatted text preview: or k in Bimolecular Reactions • Compare chemical reaction rate expression to earlier equation for inelastic bimolecular collision rate ABCD z process AB 1 n A nB g kT k e 2 kT in d a dC dt kAB N Av g kT Collision model for e in d 2 reaction rate constant kT • Recall above was integrated over all orientations kcoll a – can be important for chemical reactions k kcoll Psteric Chemical Nonequilibrium -10 Copyright © 2010 by Jerry M. Seitzman. All rights reserved. AE6050 5 School of Aerospace Engineering Arrhenius Rate Law Empirical Result • Compare to simple activation energy expression z process AB n A nB k ge a Arrhenius Rate ln(k) k kT Psteric N Av g e a RT Ae RT 1 RT • Examine temperature dependence k AT 1 2e a g RT 8k Boltz T More general T dependence k AT b e a temp. exponent pre-expon. factor RT Modified Arrhenius Rate “activation”...
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