13 Chemical NonEquilibrium

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Unformatted text preview: eaction Mechanism • Example - “simple” NO mechanism (5 species) – add up rate due to each reaction in mechanism source of initial O or N Self-replicating event. Every time I make what I want, a nother reaction gives me them back. like a catylist O2 N2 1 M M N O2 O N2 OOM 2 3 4 N N M dO O NO N NOM NO 5 Note: rx 3 + rx 4 = N2+O2 2NO Zeldovich dt Mechanism NO M can often neglect, “slow” d NO dt k3 f N O2 k3b O NO k 4 f O N 2 k 4b N NO k5 f N O M k5b NO M 2k1 f O2 M Only need the 3 last reactions to find NO rates 2 2k1b O M Rxn 1,3,4,5 makes O k3 f N O2 k3b O NO k 4 f O N 2 k 4b N NO k5 f N O M k5b NO M How many of these rate expressions are independent? . . for each species in . mechanism Chemical Nonequilibrium -8 Copyright © 2010 by Jerry M. Seitzman. All rights reserved. We can write 5 rate equations for each species. 3 are indep. if we assume...
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