13 Chemical NonEquilibrium

We can write 5 rate equations for each species 3 are

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Unformatted text preview: : N2, O2, NO, N, O Choose NO, N, O Solve the rest by nuclei conservation AE6050 4 School of Aerospace Engineering Rate Equations • So, we generally have S N ODE’s (d[Mi]/dt) and N atom balances – S=number of species – N=number of nuclei • Goal is to solve this set of simultaneous equations (i.e., for composition vs. time) – because there are usually a wide range of species concentrations, get a wide range of time constants “stiff” set of equations – makes numerical solution tricky • To solve, we also need to know the “rate constants” – usually from experiments (though simple reactions can be modeled using quantum theory and computer simulations) – but can model behavior with kinetic theory AE6050 Chemical Nonequilibrium -9 Copyright © 2010 by Jerry M. Seitzman. All rights reserved. School of Aerospace Engineering Model f...
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