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4 dho dt p t fju j ho conserved but nonequil dh cpdt

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Unformatted text preview: ju j ho conserved, but nonequil. dh cpdT Pv=RT is still valid • b ecause assumed • TPG and Trans in e quilib. which relates to Temp. Divide into modes Assume some modes in equil.,e.g., tr+rot • Energy becomes u c p ,tr rot 0 u dh dho dx d etr dh c p ,tr dT dx ho t q devib dx dh dx u erot u ho x d u2 2 dx evib eelec echem rot dT deelec dx Shows net flux is 0, which means that ho is a constant 0 0 Bulk Kinetic Energy RT Sensible + Chemical d evib eelec echem dechem dx d u2 2 dx 0 not valid in region of shock where tr., rot. non-equil. Nonequilibrium Shock Equations -2 Copyright © 2009 by Jerry M. Seitzman. All rights reserved. !"#$%$ Must use rate equations to find out how fast certain modes (vibration chemistry, and elect are chaning with x) 1 School of Aerospace Engineering Nonequil. State Relations • Use rate eq...
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