State relations use rate eqns for nonequil modes eg ho

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Unformatted text preview: ns. for nonequil. modes, e.g., HO • dt devib,i 1 dt i devib,i dx ? dx d Y = (wdot / rho*u) dx dY/dt = (wdot / rho*u)*dx/dt 1 u dechem dx echem,m dt m echem,m For a single harmonic oscillator. dx/dt = local velocity dt devib ,i dx dt d Ym echem,m dechem dt • For chem. energy 1/u * evib ,i evib,i m wm dYm dt For electronic, no general model. Need to write a bunch of rate equations which described the rate at which elec energy could transfer. !"#$%$ m but dx/dt = u so the u's cancel here Nonequilibrium Shock Equations -3 Copyright © 2009 by Jerry M. Seitzman. All rights reserved. School of Aerospace Engineering Nonequil. Shock Equations • Vib., chem. in nonequil., neglect elec. energy 0 u c p ,tr 0 rot u...
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