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Unformatted text preview: i/x/Isl.exe/1BcUK0sH602NhYeF1YnPasAtWEBmY6ap1g 8y324VdWcUzDV0BekKbofAXM 7lNjsLaIPVh3oxhY1il1Jb1Kycz8HtU0… 1/3 12/18/13 ALEKS: Ravinell Rose Each trial has two outcomes: "Success" (Clara guesses correctly) and "Failure" (Clara guesses incorrectly). The probability of success, , remains constant from trial to trial. (This is implied by the fact that the sample is a random sample.) The trials are independent. (Because the cards are chosen at random, whether or not Clara guesses correctly for one card in the sample does not affect whether or not she guesses correctly for anoth...
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