There are at least two ways of doing this additional

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Unformatted text preview: re at least two ways of doing this. Additional Resources Elementary S tatistics ( A Brief Version) , 6 th Ed. Blu ma n Chapter 7 : Confidence Intervals and S ample S ize S ection 7 .2 : Confidence Intervals for the Mean W hen sigma is Unknown Su p p le me n ta ry Re s o u rce s One w ay: . How do I k now when to us e "greater than" and when to us e "greater than or equal to"? To see how this equation is obtained, examine the following display in which the three probabilities in the equation are represented by shaded areas under the density curve for the t distribution with degrees of freedom: https://secur i/x/Isl.exe/15NeYKr L8KKK4JsQ6JdX2_j_r SR5xL1t6vg - sQH9q M NeXkr Z3hI71U72QRsOHafewFm0lT1dlBxkRSoRk7Hg CikmO6… 1/3 12/18/13 ALEKS: Ravinell Rose Using the calculator with this equation, we...
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