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Unformatted text preview: nSJn_BBnvTEakW7oOmQ9KUe3asZsCi7DJa_eTl1tnSR5_OV6Nynr EHZiOB- kRzir Ehov0g oz_M FFmoQjp- Ju6zKU… 1/3 12/18/13 We rejected ALEKS: Ravinell Rose . That is, we came to the conclusion that there is enough evidence to reject, at the level of significance, the claim that the mean sodium level is blood. Thus, the answer to the question is: Yes. mEq per liter of The answer is: Bac k The null and alternative hypotheses: Additional Resources The null and alternative hypotheses are Elementary S tatistics ( A Brief Version) , 6 th Ed. Blu ma n . Chap...
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