we are asked to find such that degrees of freedom

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Unformatted text preview: We are asked to find such that degrees of freedom and that cuts off an area of for an F distribution with denominator degrees of freedom. Note that such a in the right tail of this distribution, that is, numerator is the value for the distribution. Using the calculator, we get . (Note that, since the numerator and denominator degrees of freedom in the above calculation must be specified for the calculator, the expression appears as in the calculator input.) The answer is: Bac k https://secur i/x/Isl.exe/1vg - 7fElLfThr M ysSXtFUb90M GhHBubM SKN7T6jBbJg - 2- Ec5sCg 11GZm3RxdLTag EJWq p_M q M DlDj0_K96GM Xz… 2/2...
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