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Unformatted text preview: tritch, and she taught me that I of small children. I have seen the look of had the power to take care of myself, confidence that comes as they begin to and to make a difference in the world. acquire more courage and determination, Her attention and guidance changed the and I have had the pleasure of knowing course of my life, and literally shaped that I am a part of that process. As a every aspect of who I am today, including teacher, I would strive to give my students my desire to pursue a career as a primary the same gift Miss Stritch gave to me. school teacher. I believe I can use the empathy I feel programmes working with children. These experiences have further convinced me Perhaps I will even be able to pass on the that I have found my calling. The skills torch by inspiring one of my students to I have gained range from simple one- teach as well. In this way, I will truly on-one tutoring techniques to the more make a difference, as Miss Stritch sophisticated psychology required to work believed I could. with children in difficult circumstances. for children and turn it into something Several years later, as a successful teenage valuable and potentially life-changing. student, I went back to visit Miss Stritch I have chosen your university for my at the primary school I had attended and training because of the impeccable asked her if the profession ever bores her. reputation you have acquired. I will never forget her response: The progressive ideas and methods I ‘How can one get tired of something that would learn there could prepare me for my changes every moment’? she asked me. journey and help me be the best teacher ‘Teaching is never the same, because possible. I am eager to find more and children are never the same. They better ways to communicate with children frequently change their minds, and, if we and spark the curiosity that too often lies Get Into Uni | 60 Get into uni Teaching (2) Drama, in its many forms, has always had a powerful impact on my life and the ways that I experience situations. In my childhood, my mother always took me to watch the movies. involvement, and was designed to be obtaining contraception; and the possible interactive as well as informative. consequences of exam stress. The students were encouraged to develop the full range of skills they had After the performance, actors and learned on the preparatory course by members of the health promotion team led presenting a half-hour performance. As workshop groups composed of members well as preparing for broader experience of the audience. The groups identified The art form of film made such a vivid in teaching by my involvement in these issues raised in the scenarios, then and lasting impression that I would productions, I have a wide and varied discussed who a young person could talk always act out the scenes I had seen when range of activities. I find that I gain the to about them; what might stop young I returned home. I was later fortunate most from music, especially listening to pe...
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