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Biology is the key to life service desk this

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Unformatted text preview: expectation and after graduation move into a senior about how to structure my future career. management position. While I have a strong background www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 54 Get into uni Science () After completing my A-level studies, I wanted serious exposure to hands-on science. Each week, I spent the majority of my I have also visited Japan; these spare time participating in {List school- experiences have made me realise that related music and dance activities}. travelling is one of my great passions. I will I also participated in my local parish’s pursue a rigorous scientific course and I For that reason, when a pharmaceutical band and was elected Band Leader by want to immerse myself in a cross-cultural company offered me a position, I jumped the other members. experience in a place that fascinates me. Based on my research and previous at the opportunity. For one year, I worked closely with a number of scientists as Serving in this leadership position has travel experiences, I know that England they researched existing diseases and allowed me to shape a community music is this place. conducted countless experiments to test program and shown me just how much the efficiency of new drugs. I have learned about time-management and commitment. I knew then that I wanted to devote my studies to learning how body mechanisms My busy schedule has required me react to varying chemicals. Witnessing to carefully divide my time among my innovative pharmaceutical research academics, extracurricular interests, had only intensified my passion for family and friends; throughout it all, biochemistry, a subject I had become I have prioritised my academics while fascinated with in high school; it had remaining firmly committed to my outside intrigued me because it integrated my love pursuits. During my biochemistry studies, of chemistry with my desire to learn more this balancing act will prove extremely about biological processes. useful as I seriously dedicate myself to my academics while also maintaining time for My A-level studies provided me with my hobbies and relationships. a solid introduction to biochemistry; I now seek a greater academic focus and Five years ago, I had the opportunity to more extensive research opportunities by visit Birmingham, England-and I loved pursuing a university degree. every minute of it. The people, the culture and the location all sparked my interest in Throughout high school, my extracurricular one day living in England. activities sharpened skills I will need in my biochemistry course-even if the activities often involved dance and music rather than science. www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 55 Get into uni Sociology () My teacher Mrs Barnet first inspired me to pursue a degree in Sociology. Her strong-mindedness and compassion for the underprivileged formed the first of what would become a combination of several driving forces that influenced my decision. On a personal level, a degree in Sociology A degree in Sociol...
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