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Unformatted text preview: and the shiny brass horns other. While the ‘goods’ provided are not My thoughts reflect the words of American glimmering in the dark. I feel that studying manufactured products, the intangibles of short-story writer, Eudora Welty: ‘Through for a degree in Travel and Tourism will rest, relaxation, or seeing a foreign land for travel I first became aware of the outside grant me the opportunity to travel to the first time are just as important as the world; it was through travel that I found my the wonderful places in the world, thus car you drive or the clothes you wear. own introspective way into becoming a part of it’. constantly satisfying my passion to learn more. There is the escape from one’s own surroundings and problems, and the As I ponder a career in this field, glimpse of other cultures and ethnicities. I believe that I possess the appropriate These elements are essential to an personal characteristics that fit such an individual’s health and general well-being. occupation. In school, my best asset was Because of these aspects of the industry, my ability to get along with people. business skills are necessary for those I was a good student, but my real gifts involved with navigating the various were showcased in class projects or aspects of a holiday, whether with carriers cooperative experiments. and hotel owners, or with the consumers. I always took charge of ironing out If dealing directly with the general public, wrinkles, calming nerves, and pulling one might require marketing skills, as well. everyone together. In addition to these I have been able to develop these skills interpersonal skills, I excel at public that will prove very useful in this career. Get Into Uni | 64 Get into uni Travel & Tourism (2) Everyone wants a career they enjoy and that will enrich their lives and fulfil their desire to contribute to society or become a more well-rounded person. I believe that travel and tourism is one of the best careers through which to achieve this. and communications skills with which to order to achieve this dream, I must have navigate this complicated industry. an understanding of the travel industry. Studying in the travel and tourism field I have had some enriching life will allow me this, and it will be an exciting experiences. For instance, my part-time and rewarding endeavour. job, running errands for a local solicitor, has taught me a great deal about business and law, and has helped me build communication skills. Personal satisfaction is the key reason for pursing my career. I understand Reading about another society or culture true job satisfaction springs from the is much different than experiencing it opportunity to contribute and grow within for yourself. It is my love of literature an industry, as travel and tourism is now and history, however, which has peaked widely recognised as the world’s largest my curiosity about travel. I am eager to consumer industry. I would like to be one compare the images in my imagination of the lucky individuals who is able to with those of present-day reality. take advantage of this growth and of many opportunities for possible employment. One example of this is Angela’s Ashes, a memoir by Frank McCourt. The book, I understand, however, that the business which I read recently, is a narrative that of travel and tourism has become much travels back and forth between two historic more sophisticated. In order compete, places – Limerick, at the beginning of the I must have the best education possible. book, and New York at the end – McCourt By studying travel and tourism at recounts his childhood in sometimes university, I will gain the speed melancholy, but always beautiful prose. training that is essential to be a success in this field. When I read the book, I was moved to extreme emotion, and also to extreme I have the enthusiasm and drive, which curiosity about the cities he had so are necessary to acquire an exhaustive wonderfully described. knowledge of the current and future trends. Someday, I would like to become a travel writer of some merit, or at least have the Upon completion of my degree, I will knowledge and understanding of the world be equipped with business, managerial that writers like Frank McCourt have. In Get Into Uni | 65 “ We help open doors every single day” Get Into Uni Limited 2nd Floor, 45-57 St John Street, London, ECV4P T: [email protected] W: 0845 227 05 E: Get Into Uni | 66...
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