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Dr whelan had been kind enough to visit while in town

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Unformatted text preview: hemistry could reduce the negative rewards of this work only strengthened my environmental impact of chemical desire to study chemistry. processes and products. Chemistry has all the qualities that make From that day I had a clear goal. Chemistry a fascinating discipline. It provides has all the elements of an exciting and a perfect balance between hands-on rewarding career, and I soon understood experimentation and abstract thought. that chemists are very important. Ultimately, I aim to teach chemistry Society needs people to study and at the university level, I look forward practise chemistry, and the general to teaching imaginatively while public increasingly understands better emphasising the overall benefits the benefits of chemistry and its chemistry provides society. www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 9 Get into uni Computing () Thus far I have enjoyed a fruitful professional career, and much of it has related to computer technology. I have always possessed a fascination for computers, but Computing is much more than just the study of proper computer operation; it is a complex and complete area of study. In addition to the marketing experience, Attending Gloucester University to study I gained valuable management experience computing will provide the educational when I helped set up a technological foundation to fully realise my career goals communications department last year. and aspirations. I was responsible for recruiting employees and external innovative agencies, managing the department, and monitoring employee performance targets, including financial budgets. Our aim was expeditionary research and I am excited to learn about the process by new product development, which involved which computers are constructed, as well launching a number of new products as that by which computer programs are to the market, being proactive, and designed. Studying a post-graduate course making changes to products before in Computing will prepare me to operate competitors did. not only the systems already in place in businesses and organisations, but also The work of the department also involved those that will be designed in the future. a detailed study of computer-buying activity cycles and interviewing customers Fortunately, I already have work experience to identify future technical needs. This in the computer field to build upon. After experience taught me that customer earning a degree in Marketing from the research is an important aspect of University of London, I secured a position this discipline. with Hewlett-Packard as the Internal Communication Manager; I was a leader A degree will help me apply my technical in the introduction of new audio-visual knowledge more effectively. While I media, knowledge management and have gained a great deal of professional information systems. experience and skills that will prove useful in a post-graduate course. My interest at this time was quite dispersed, but it was increasingly directed My ultimate goal is to understand the towards information technology. I learned technical side of my work. A degree will to create strategies focusing on developing help me understand the products which...
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