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Unformatted text preview: y will bring. With this combination examining how diverse elements influence of experiences, I will become equipped For as long as I can remember, I have the daily operation of our bodies. to follow my dream, that I will be able to been fascinated by dentistry. Because Outside of my studies, I play a number of help others. I have wanted to be a dentist for many musical instruments. years, I sought experience in a local dental practice shadowing an Orthodontist, I recently performed in the Belgium and during which I observed complex Holland Orchestral Tour. I find classical brace fittings. music has some qualities similar to the world of dentistry. It requires a high During this time, I gained much knowledge level of discipline and control to perform about dental practice while thoroughly complex pieces in the same way that enjoying my patient interactions and dentistry requires a high level of skill. observations of the day to day tasks of seasoned professionals. I realise the importance of patient care, and I have endeavoured to improve my The rewards of this work only strengthened interpersonal skills. I have been working my desire to be a dentist; I grew even more part-time over the last year within an inspired to study dentistry. This passion electrical retail store, and this has given for knowledge stems partly from the me the opportunity to learn customer influence of my father, a doctor. Because service skills. of his work, I enjoyed many chances during childhood to comprehend the mechanics Looking forward, I understand the rigors behind the human body. associated with Dentistry, I am prepared to dedicate the time and effort to understand I chose to study A level Biology and the practical and theory work. Chemistry to provide a firm foundation for my later studies. While studying in my Through the study of dentistry, I hope to biology course, I have become particularly discover exciting and challenging ways to Get Into Uni |  Get into uni Economics My interest in economics stems mostly from my passionate conviction to overcome poverty and hunger on a global level. There seems to exist an ever-widening gap between the wealthy and the poor. and moral issue. However, the matter for me, and I look forward to taking my also becomes an economic concern. understanding to higher levels. I am an ambitious individual, fervently driven by Economics fascinates me because academic achievements and aspirations. it combines facts and figures with I believe that, with training and direction, sociological patterns and even ethical I will be able to help increase the wealth and moral questions. The true theoretical and welfare of society. nature of the discipline particularly excites Last year, some classmates and I me. I enjoy the investigation of the “why” travelled to London to participate in a and “how” of money and society as much youth conference on poverty, and that as simply knowing the facts and figures. experience heig...
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