I am an ambitious individual fervently driven by

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Unformatted text preview: htened my desire to participate in this social struggle. Perhaps the most important benefit, however, would be the new perspective I During a session of the conference, we would gain on everyday events. Looking were given the statistics and background at things from an economic viewpoint for Tanzania, a country living with drought would help me better understand trade, and severe hunger, and by analysing the government economic policy and even the yearly budget, inches of rainfall, and other sometimes complicated socioeconomic statistics we had to come up with creative dynamics of modern culture. solutions for these problems. My skills and prior successes in these This was undoubtedly an exercise in areas have instilled confidence in me that economics. Even water, in Tanzania, I will make an excellent economist. forms a kind of currency, so I deemed the drought an economic issue. Through Outside of my studies, I swim for the calculation, discussion and brainstorming, county and play football. This extra- our group developed creative suggestions curricular activity contributed to the for stretching the country’s very limited development of my interpersonal skills, resources. which, along with my academic knowledge and communication, will prove useful as I We came to the following conclusion: progress towards my career goals. with the Tanzania population living extreme poverty, while much of the rest All my efforts to explore aspects of of the world’s population is becoming economic knowledge have resulted in wealthier, this obviously becomes a social this course holding an even greater allure www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 4 Get into uni Engineering () My passion for engineering began as far back as primary school, when I realised that I had a knack for understanding and assembling mechanical and electrical devices. While others were playing football, I was playing inside the “workshop,” pretending I was a great inventor on the verge of the next big thing. The research had fuelled my curiosity, is touched by engineering design. A and the construction had challenged my new kind of car could help preserve the mechanical skills. I was most captivated environment; more efficient farming by the initial conception of the product. equipment would offer answers to world This involved an elaborate set of drawings, hunger; and modern medicine could be which I revised and fine-tuned to improved immeasurably by modernising perfection. I was very proud of my creative basic medical devices. ability and the essential part it had played in the project’s success. This was the In addition to science and maths, I am also beginning of my desire to pursue a career a lover of the arts. I am an accomplished in product design engineering. sculptor and sketch artist, and have also begun experimenting with mixed media. I was forever asking critical questions about technology – wondering how In the years that followed, I continued I believe my artistic endeavours inform aircrafts are able to fly or how a two-ton designing and building small toys, each my engineering interests. Through art, I ship can stay afloat, while a smal...
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