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Unformatted text preview: component of political operations. prove beneficial in my personal and professional life. Outside of work and study, I am a keen sportsman. I play Gaelic football and To feed my passion for the subject, I soccer competitively, and having served read as much about the subject. I am a as captain of the local Gaelic football team subscriber to UKPol magazine. and goalkeeper at college. This has helped me develop valuable leadership skills and As I hope to spee in political theory, a sense of discipline that I can apply to my I aim to continue informing myself on the studies and to the university community latest ideas and concepts in order to form as a whole. a knowledge base for forming my own theories. Get Into Uni | 52 Get into uni Science () As a child, I always had a great fascination with science, mainly because of the mystery involved. Scientists were detectives, constantly searching for clues and then reasoning them through. Charles Darwin, the Sherlock Holmes of the natural world, interested me most, as he saw evidence in the fossils, plants, animals, and rocks he studied where others saw nothing. university level. As I have often wondered I am naturally drawn to the sciences. I how the effects and chemical processes have studied them, particularly Biology interact with the human body. By studying and Chemistry, extensively in school, biology, I will acquire the solid knowledge thus giving me the appropriate academic that will render me fully capable of preparation for the course. I have fulfilling my dream – to become a scientist. extended this interest further beyond the classroom, incorporating sciences into my Chemistry presents us with the life for more practical experiences. fundamental and the abstract. None of my other coursework provided quite the I look forward to an exciting and successful stimulation of the chemistry projects and career in the sciences, hopefully enabling experiments. As a result of my interest me to contribute to the solution of some of in the sciences, I pursued the subject life’s great mysteries. Despite facing immense pressure and through other means outside of the opposition, Darwin endured for the sake of classroom. Last year, I established an science and the good of all humanity. inner-college Chemistry club. Every week students from the surrounding colleges I wish to pursue the study of science to meet, and we discuss special areas of satisfy my growing passion for knowledge interest within the field of chemistry. and address the important problems that people face; a degree in Science will help As the club organiser, I set up a trip to a pave my way. local chemical processing plant, where we could witness first-hand the use of Throughout my studies thus far, I have chemistry in an industrial setting. had the opportunity to study all different types of sciences, but the subjects that In addition to my studies I am working have interested me most are Biology part-time in a local...
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