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Unformatted text preview: whom I believe can help me become this academic knowledge with my existing a fine teacher. teaching expertise to stimulate and encourage my students. This experience provided me with an Working with disadvantaged students opportunity to refine my understanding of proved both rewarding and challenging, the inner workings of the organisational as I had to make art theory applicable environment. In my spare time, I have to everyday life. I discovered my love for designed websites on african art. The teaching and became determined to help prospect of developing a web-based more students understand the relevancy, learning environment for students remains applicability, and necessity of art in one of my foremost professional goals. their lives. I understand the importance of Web CT and would like to develop an on-line art After receiving my art degree in 2005, portal, including news, course information, I decided to delve into the media world forums, and lesson plans. and gained a position as Production Manager with the BBC. From experience, I understand that teaching has both its rewards and My duties involved presenting workshops, challenges. I would like to create art script proof and organising training events. courses that will provide opportunities My diverse responsibilities have given for students to apply their theoretical me the opportunity to interact with every knowledge in real life situations and business department from media relations allow them to give feedback to continually to finance. For instance, I played a crucial improve the lessons. role in a short course where I trained a production team in african art. Attending university to study a PGCE will pave way to these goals. Such a program Indeed, my experiences as a mentor have will deepen my teaching expertise and solidified my desire to become a teacher. broaden my perspectives. As I have I am in constant pursuit of ways to improve already attended Manchester Metropolitan www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 62 Get into uni Teaching (4) For as long as I can remember, I have and I am developing valuable knowledge require patience and proactive leadership, wanted to teach business. The first time to teach this element of the BTEC diploma. but I never approach anything half- I was able to put this desire to the test heartedly. I believe that I can demonstrate was by leading a number of workshops I have also completed my Postgraduate the dedication and integrity it takes to be sponsored by the Federation of Small Diploma from the Chartered Institute of an inspiring and conscientious teacher. Businesses. Marketing, and will be able to use my marketing and PR skills to promote the I was determined to convince the students course to prospective students. In my that marketing was relevant and necessary spare time I enjoy designing websites, and to their working lives, and I wanted to am excited by the prospect of developing convey my material in a manner that web-based learning. Computer-based could also co...
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