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Unformatted text preview: i | 45 Get into uni Nursing Throughout my life, helping others has always been an important part of my life. I hope to help extend lives and improve the comfort of those patients requiring extra care. Not only am I impressed by the potential and importance of the nursing profession, I believe I will make an excellent student and caregiver. to ease her aches. This combination of Being the only mature student on the A competence and compassion that Claire level course has given me insight into what received at age twelve draws me to the I can really achieve in life. nursing profession. Through my biology A level, I have learnt I understand the challenges associated the intricacy of the human body and this with nursing and in particular have intrigues me most. I have the advantage enjoyed my experience at Evesham of possessing an analytical mind, which Community Hospital in July 2006; during would prove beneficial in the nursing this time, my experience shadowing profession. a nurse on a male ward helped me My dedication to providing high-quality understand the facets of the job. I recall Thinking of the doctor who diagnosed care and my commitment to nursing was a night when a patient had an especially Claire’s appendicitis and the care received firmly cemented when my daughter, Claire, high fever, and I feared for his health. I from nurses has inspired me to study was diagnosed with appendicitis. Claire thought quickly and called the doctor’s nursing so I might also know the exact was twelve years old when an unfortunate answering service; fortunately, I was questions to ask to discover accurate series of events landed her in hospital. correct. The doctor told me to bathe him in answers. Claire had already broken her ankle and cool water and give him a fever reducer. was stumbling around on crutches when He had improved greatly by the morning. My time in Evesham Community Hospital taught me the medical side of treating she developed a severe stomach pain. Clearly being a nurse demands much patients represents only one aspect of the Initially, no one could determine the responsibility and consideration for field. As a nurturing individual, I know I cause; the doctors thought she had a others, as well as performance in a would embrace the role of caregiver. gastrointestinal problem. However, a high-pressure environment. I take my nurse entered the exam room with her responsibility to the patient very seriously, With the skills I have developed to this chart, asked her a sequence of succinct and as a result, I am hard-working point, I am confident that I possess a solid questions which enabled the doctor and responsive to patient needs. My foundation of knowledge to enter and to diagnose appendicitis. The doctor dedication to providing high-quality care succeed in a university. removed her appendix before it ruptured. and my commitment to lifelong learning will help me to become an excellent nurse. The next week and a half were difficult for me as I grew increasingly uncomfortable As a mature student, going back to college seeing my daughter in pain. Once again to...
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