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Unformatted text preview: ogy would give me the will empower me to become the person of solid foundation needed for me to chase action I have always wanted to be. As an my dream of contributing to society. activist or civil rights advocate, I could I believe that I must apply my convictions use my knowledge and experience to to do my part in improving relations educate the public rather than simply between different peoples. I have a great admiration and respect for On a professional level, this study would that plague us on a daily basis. While sociologists and their noble work and provide me with a solid base for any career I aspire to affect people as Mrs Barnet recognise the necessity of continuing to that works with groups of people and their influenced me, I also think that mixing in try to understand people from different collective behaviour. One option I have my drive and enthusiasm will add to my walks of life. Mrs Barnet’s experience and considered is follow my activist leanings success personally, academically the clarity with which she conveyed her by working with an advocacy group or a and professionally. thoughts on the subject have motivated legal firm that spees in social justice. argue or exert pressure upon them to do what is right. Only through education and understanding can human society eradicate the injustices me to apply for this course and take advantage of every opportunity possible Agencies and firms such as these play at university. Along the way, I hope to gain an extremely important role in our the knowledge to make a difference. increasingly complex society. Protecting the rights of individuals and advocating I have deep convictions about social on behalf of the uneducated and injustices; racism, sexism, and prejudices underprivileged requires an intense of all kinds infect our communities. passion that I could bring to the field. I Although I see the behaviour and look forward to discovering something new understand the need to change it, one everyday that will present me with different must understand the root of the problem perspectives on values and change my before addressing the symptoms. viewpoint of the world. In addition to By studying sociology, I hope to find the preparing me to help bring about social answers to some of the conflicts that arise change, the information and skills I learn between persons of different nationalities, will help me to better comprehend the ethnicities, and backgrounds, and to changes that occur daily in the world. discover how to ease these conflicts through education, open dialogue, and even policy changes. www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 56 Get into uni Sports Science My first skiing competition at fourteen marked the beginning of a life-changing passion - to become a professional skier and study sports science. My fascination was fuelled by my childhood in France, where I would work on ski camps during the school holidays and immerse myself in the sport, determined to learn more that would help to achieve my goal. ways that athletes can be affected. My from illnesses, and how t...
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