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I now know that all my experiences whether challenges

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Unformatted text preview: ther’s construction company. He and his brother have operated the company for twenty years, and have gained a reputation locally as talented and dependable builders. They have provided refurbishments, alterations, and extensions for hundreds of structures owned by individuals and businesses throughout our community. In addition to my position with my father’s company, I have also pursued subjects that will contribute to my competence as a building surveyor. Mathematics and business are both subjects in which I have shown a high aptitude. My proficiency in mathematics has led to being selected by a local primary school as a Tutor Assistant. Two days each week, I go to the school and offer one-on-one student coaching. I use a variety of computer programs, textbook activities, and My role involved assisting on construction hands-on projects to help the students sites and learning design, construction, understand mathematics. This activity and management. Gradually, I have has helped me hone my teaching and worked my way up to the point where I am leadership skills, and has encouraged me now occasionally providing supervision to think creatively. and oversight of construction projects. As I apply these skills to my study of I have the privilege of working closely with surveying, I am sure I will excel, and will surveyors on numerous projects. I have attain the essential knowledge to build a come to understand that the professional successful career. advice and services provided during this phase of any project are key to the success Juggling my school, work and volunteer of the job. activities has taught me excellent time management skills. I look forward to If a surveyor knows his field well it can be embarking on a degree and working the difference between a successful or towards the assessment of professional unsuccessful structure. Not only will he competence to fulfil my dream to become look out for the interests of the customer, a Chartered Surveyor. however, but he will also provide the builders with economic, technical design to do their very best work. www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 59 Get into uni Teaching () My life changed at the age of ten when I met Emily Stritch, a young teacher who took me under her wing. As the youngest of five children, I often did not receive the attention I needed, as my parents both worked long hours to provide for us. Unfortunately, this left little time for discussions about literature or current events, let alone the hopes and dreams that float around in a little girl’s head. are lucky, they expand them a little dormant throughout adulthood. bit, too’. Armed with the knowledge gained by It was that day that I knew I wanted to be scholars and experts in the field, I believe a teacher. Since then, I have volunteered I could be an excellent role model and an in a series of workshops and community active guide for many children. I was painfully shy and achieving far less Most importantly, I have experienced the than my potential at school when I met joy of helping to shape the self-esteem Miss S...
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