I now see myself as having much in human behaviour

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Unformatted text preview: e Our Geography GCSE instructor simply connects the dots between science and with versatile skills that will enhance all asked us to observe the area in an social science, between physical and aspects of my personal and professional attempt to determine how the surrounding cultural, and between topography and life and lead me to an exciting and geography had affected the culture of this the humanities. meaningful career. impressed by how the land has been Deciding on a course of study proved Geography is a thought-provoking, the single greatest factor in the a difficult task for me, but the more I challenging subject that provides unique economy, culture and standard of living studied geography the more I have come glimpses into the character of our of the vicinity. to appreciate its depth. The geographer’s world and its problems. Knowledge of focus on the behaviour patterns of certain environmental issues will help society I realised that studying geography populations and how they result from the maintain nature’s delicate balance, and in consisted of more than merely learning physical environment, as well as the ways the process nature affects human culture. about maps and topography. This school in which manners of living vary from one When I think of my trip to the Malvern trip sparked my interest in pursuing my geographical location to another have Hills, I know that this is my calling and that studies of geography because of the greatly intrigued me. I have the confidence to succeed. famous location, and I was immediately human factor involved and how the land we live on affects how we lead our lives. Although I have several different interests and narrowing down my options has As I further contemplated the relationship become difficult, I am now confident between human culture and the landscape that studying for a university degree in we inhabit, I thought of the trip my Geography is the correct course of family and I took to the United States. action for me. We drove through the farmlands of Ohio and Indiana en route to Chicago, Illinois. The degree will help me achieve my Much of the culture of the Midwest was goal of becoming an Environmental both politically and socially conservative, Manager, protecting and preserving our and the region was populated with big natural resources. In an age of increased families led by men and women who were awareness of environmental issues, religious, modest in dress, and somewhat the employment of environmental stoic in demeanour. The remoteness management spets has become and expanse of the land and the space the norm in a many fields. www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 24 Get into uni Geography (2) Unbeknownst to me at the time, my passion for geography began on a miserably cold and wet January morning in the Lake District. As a member of the Army Cadets at age twelve, I had just spent a soggy night in a poorly constructed tent, but fortunately the discomfort was to prove worthwhile. As preparation for undertaking this The computer club taught me that vision project, I have spent my summer holidays and resourcefulness are the cornerstones working as a traffic controller for MVA, of leadership, and that a successful leader a company that inves...
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