I offered as to the necessity of time management him

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Unformatted text preview: eds of a large group luck, I had not only saved my doomed of students, teachers and parents. It was paper route, but I also completed it much effective in developing my teamwork skills. completing the route on foot was too more quickly than I did on my bicycle. I plan to one day hone these skills and This life experience taught me that I have combine them with my interest for physical an ability to solve problems and think on fitness, cycling and visiting the gym; I my feet, two of the most important skills envision any one of these as the basis for every successful executive must possess. a dynamic business. I would enjoy working With a Business Studies degree, I will have as a Marketing or Human Resources the tools I need to enhance these natural Director for a fitness club, or perhaps even instincts and reach the goals I set out owning a chain of gymnasiums. From this for myself. point on, I will have a variety of options, www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 7 Get into uni Business (2) My father is an investment banker, and growing up I would venture into his library whenever I could to attempt to satisfy my passion for business by reading his books. The idea of managing an organisation, From the knowledge I have acquired with the vast breadth of competence that thus far, I have developed my own ideas such a job requires, and the sheer variety of running and organising businesses. I of activity that it entails, has made me believe in the idea of however difficult a strive to learn more and fulfil my dream task may seem, with careful planning, it of owning my own business. can be accomplished. afternoon until almost .00 at night, I In order to achieve something as Learning about accountancy will would soak up the information that his significant as setting up and managing be particularly fulfilling due to its collection had to offer; weekends and a business, I must learn all I can. logical structure, making it especially Virtually every day from 5.00 in the comprehensible and its conclusions holidays were no exception. As I now decide on a course of study to apply for, Above all, a business degree will enable valuable. I know that this passion will the choice of Business Administration me to strengthen my finance, interpersonal only grow as I learn more, and I hope that proves an easy one. and entrepreneurial skills. Besides through university I can gain the skills I studying, I have participated in activities need to make my dreams a reality. Studying a degree in Business. This path and that enhance my candidacy for a has long been a family tradition, but I place at university. Last year I worked in My ambition now is complete a business have cultivated my genuine interest in this a building company, where I was able to degree in order to further strengthen my subject area independently of my relatives. contribute to the organisation of staff and understanding of the relationship between maintain budgets. I learned the integral the different functions in business. I know I feel academically and personally parts of a business organisation, which that I can succeed, and I hope one day to prepared to enter this degree course. only s...
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