I see such a thrill which led me to imagine

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Unformatted text preview: n that would come from In order to successfully connect with a throughout my entire life. seeing these structures physically built. community, one must comprehend the My teacher suggested I go to art college, specific needs of the people. The extra- but I knew I had found a truer calling. curricular activities in which I have been involved have aided in the development of Fortunately, there exists a definite my communication and leadership skills. relationship between art and architecture. Art conveys the purity and perfection of As captain of my school’s debate team for forms, while with art in architecture, the two years I became adept at managing a forms are tangible, often beautiful, and group and taking a leadership role. I have by their nature imperfect. always enjoyed rock-climbing, having progressed from the indoor climbing People can share, enjoy and critique walls to tackling cliffs and overhangs. the result of the architect’s efforts. The The immense concentration required for architect crafts the domesticity that serves these tasks has taught me the importance as the background to everyday life, and of discipline and achieving goals that I each construct presents its own unique have set for myself. www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 5 Get into uni Biology Late one winter night while helping my grandfather on his farm, I witnessed the miracle of life for the first time. We assisted in the birthing of a foal, and I was amazed at the size and strength of the newborn creature. As I study biology, I will be taking the In addition to the time I have devoted to first step towards a career as a medical academics, I have also participated in our researcher. I have to first learn all there school’s debate team, where I have honed is to know about the various branches my reasoning skills. of biology, which is the foundation of all medicine. The human body can be very I am fully prepared for the opportunities mysterious, and the animal kingdom can that a biology degree will offer, and I be even more complex because each hope that this experience will bring me From that moment, I became fascinated animal has a slightly different set of one step closer to the future dream of with life and living things, meticulously characteristics. becoming a biologist. examining every seed, insect and animal around me. This short period of time Biological studies will provide me with proved to be the spark that lit my passion a concrete foundation, which is a basic for biology. understanding of how organisms function. I am eager to learn everything about the I continued to help my grandfather with biochemical and physiological aspects of his duties, which further contributed living things, from the sub cellular to the to my understanding and heightened whole organism level. my curiosity. He noticed my developing interest and nurtured it with small projects No one completely understands how of my own. or why living things live, but science is coming closer all the time....
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