I was very proud of my creative basic medical devices

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Unformatted text preview: l rock of which involved more complex electrical have learned about the creative process, sinks to the bottom of the sea. I loved schemes and more elaborate designs. and have increased my understanding of to investigate and experiment and, at I began using a simple computer-aided technical principles, such as the dynamics the age of 2, I put my talents to the test design (CAD) programme, and very much of spatial relationships. in a regional science and technology enjoyed this process as well. I learned competition. quickly how to work better and eventually The future belongs to those who envision used the designs and prototypes as the it, communicate it, and then make it I made my mark, ranking among the basis for a small-group commerce project happen. I am eager to be amongst them. top 5 competitors and winning a £250 for a business class. prize. I had researched the mechanical components and electrical design of Through these and other experiences, several popular brands of remote control I have developed my knowledge of toys, and then developed a simple plan design methodologies, become a group for a miniature motorized car. I then leader and team player, and learned the constructed the car by using tools from my basics of manufacturing and selling. I father’s garage and parts I had gathered have also become aware of the infinite from a disassembled blender, an old career opportunities afforded by a design computer, and a broken alarm clock. engineering education. Performing well in the competition was However, personal success is not my an honour, but the best part was that I sole motivation. I have also begun to had enjoyed every step of the process. realise that nearly every aspect of society www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 5 Get into uni Engineering/PGCE (2) Since graduating with a degree in engineering, I have worked as a Teaching Assistant in higher education for the Electronic Products and Assistant Moderator for Systems and Control Technology department. This has provided me with the opportunity to visit a number of schools, as a result, I have been able to observe how a range of schools teach technology. As editor, I did two things to turn Newsaround into a better product: I used my research skills to become a tenacious fact-checker for the staff and I used my business skills to bring in large amounts of advertising from the community. This enabled us to invest in better equipment with which to produce the paper. With a life long passion for writing, I have spent much of the past five years engaged in internet copywriting activities, such as building and designing websites The primary features that intrigue me as well as writing copy and press releases. most about engineering are its vast scope By honing my skills in teaching, I will and the wide range of subjects that come further increase my potential and create directly under its influence. I would relish opportunities for myself. A PGCE will the opportunity to study a PGCE to develop make me a versatile professional, and a teaching career in engineering. I firmly will allow me experiences that expand my believe...
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