I will pursue areas of study that will past those who

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Unformatted text preview: he importance of issues in the future, one must have a clear I am also a confident debate speaker, perspective of what has come before us. skills I nurtured while serving as captain of I am a proficient student of history, which my debate team. I am most interested in I think provides me with a significant applying these skills to family law. advantage. I have always been interested in the historical perspective and believe I cannot imagine a more noble cause than this has influenced my choice to pursue that of children, and family law seeks law as a career. I am fascinated by the to speak for those children who have staying power of some of the ancient been rendered voiceless because of fear www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni |  Get into uni Journalism When I reflect upon my desire to study journalism and the cause of this passion, I always find myself at the same point. I believe that the media of modern times has forgotten our essential purpose. Frequently, we hear criticisms of the press for making waves and creating scandals, and this negative view is warranted when the intent is to ruin reputations and to make money. I have had the valuable experience of had improved, I began volunteering as witnessing firsthand the influence and a tennis teacher for a group of girls from necessity of good reporting. In school, a local primary school. This experience I served two years as the editor of our afforded me the opportunity to fine-tune student newspaper, The Student Observer. my communication and leadership skills. In that time, I helped transform the paper I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to pass from a one-sheet list of announcements on the gift that I had received, and I have to an award-winning and widely-read continued to work with the students periodical. every year. Last year, a controversy arose when our A degree in Journalism will prepare me school negotiated the sale of our sports for a career as a reporter and someday a field to housing developers. I wrote an magazine writer. I will relay good tidings Other times, however, reporters simply article on the subject that spurred such an and bad, as long as I report the facts. I perform the tasks their employers assign. abundant amount of letters to the editor will perform the roles of instructor and I want to return the media to its rightful that they spanned a school record of bearer of the white flag. I will rely on what function of informing the public of the twenty-seven pages. Mark Twain once said: ‘A newspaper is not just for reporting the news as it is, truth, and hopefully if what I report reflects society’s problems then someone will be Eventually, even the governors wrote a but to make people mad enough to do inspired to fix them. letter, in which they made their case for something about it’. In this manner, I will selling the land. The sale went through, have the opportunity to continue serving I understand that actions and not words which angered some students, but my community and always represent the change the world, but when I t...
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