I wish to study modern living languages besides this

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Unformatted text preview: anding did; loud cheer arose as the beloved leader the utmost importance, as the transition to and prejudice. addressed the crowd. a new country presents many unforeseen hardships. The decision to abandon As language is the medium through which all Whereas the message would not have been one’s homeland and venture to another other disciplines are expressed, the study of the same if Biko had delivered it in English, land to seek a better life requires several language is a noble academic field. seen as the language of the oppressors, adjustments, most of them intangible. With a languages degree, I will be more speaking in the common tongue of the people made the messenger an ally, and the I envisage myself as an aid to the brave capable of understanding the people and mere act of speaking the language made individuals to make this choice to assist in situations in my environment. I will succeed his words a rally cry. Since wars have been easing the change in environment. I may one in reaching my goals. Although I may never fought and people’s lives sacrificed because day even be able to combine my musical have to participate in a struggle as Stephen ideas have became lost in translation, gifts with my linguistic skills by translating Biko did before his untimely death caused language is no minor technicality. Rather, lyrics from English into other languages. by his expression of ideas, Freedom, respect, and common dignity can A simple statement of reassurance, I feel that my contribution will be just be bought and sold with a well-spoken word. encouragement, or peaceful intent spoken in as important to the lives of individual How we communicate changes the course one’s native tongue can turn fear into faith, people who choose to come to the of history. or anger into alliance. United Kingdom. it serves as the currency of humanity. www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni |  Get into uni Languages (2) Naturally, my parents have always wished me great success in my professional life, but in a workingclass family, having a good career meant making more money and living more comfortably. However, I wish to purse a career that will allow me to expand my mind and experience the world around me. culture, an international hybrid viewpoint I rank second in my class at school and is unique and just as valid as any other. have served for three years as Chairman of the Foreign Language Society. This has Being able to engage directly with native contributed to the development of my speakers will help me to see the world leadership and interpersonal skills by from their perspective, and only by relating having to organise and chair meetings, as with others in a respectful manner can well as performing all the administrative we overcome national differences. It is duties. Furthermore, participating in such an exciting feeling to talk to people the society has forced me to manage in their native language and not have to my time precisely in order to maintain While earning money and providing for rely on their ability to speak English. I look the balance between studies and my family are two extremely important forward to devoting my a...
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