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Unformatted text preview: hink of most importantly everyone was properly virtuous nature of the world. the role of the journalist, I consider the informed and we provided a forum through analogy of a war coming to an end; if one which everyone could voice their opinions. side does not know that their opponents have surrendered, then the war will not In addition to the student newspaper, truly end. I imagine myself as the woman I participate in athletics and community waving the white flag when I think of service activities. In eighth year, I joined being a journalist. the tennis team and found that I needed of a great deal of help. Whereas others may see the information age as an invasion of privacy, I see a A fellow member of the team took me wonderful opportunity to educate people under her wing, showing me the basics of and assist them in making informed the game, and I eventually became one of decisions by speaking the truth. the school’s better players. Once my game Get Into Uni | 2 Get into uni Languages () I became enamoured with the idea of studying languages when I heard a mesmerising 972 recording of African civil rights leader, Stephen Biko, speaking to members of the South African Students Organisation (SASO). I wish to study modern, living languages Besides this practical use of a language so that I may continue working with people degree, the history of language and how who have recently come to this country. As spoken languages have evolved from a volunteer teacher’s aid in London, I have ancient times interest me profoundly. experienced the challenges of fostering Superficially, the world’s countless number communication when two parties do of languages appears to consist of vastly not share a common spoken language. I contrasting tongues, differences which have worked with the children of immigrants, fuelled conflict throughout human history; Biko had founded the group in 969 as a many of whom could not speak English, however, knowledge of language history united force against Apartheid, the social and it was our responsibility to explain the and the study of linguistic origins create and political policy of racial segregation teacher’s notes. Ultimately, we succeeded an understanding of the commonalities and discrimination against South Africa’s in communicating with our students through between languages. native people. Biko spoke to his compatriots pictures and gestures, and in time the in their native tongue, and although I did children grew to trust us, facilitating their Emphasising the similarities instead of not understand the powerful symbolism learning and forging a solid bond between the differences in our primary form of of speaking to a displaced and oppressed student and mentor. communication will assist in the building of bridges between cultures previously seen as people in their own language, instead of that of their oppressors, Biko’s followers certainly I feel that working with immigrants carries separated by a chasm of misunderst...
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