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It is this diversity both events of application that

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Unformatted text preview: dia techniques such as the insert card setbacks. When faced with a struggle, I have always sought to emulate him by emerging from obstacles - not with a sense of defeat - but with a renewed sense of determination and greater problem-solving skills. While at school, I underwent a two-day hospital procedure that caused me to miss a considerable amount of class; as a result, I fell behind in my studies and faced extensive makeup work. I quickly made a vow, however, not to allow my schoolwork to suffer. By spending many hours on my academics even while rebuilding my physical health, I continued to excel in school, achieving high grades in my GCSE’s. After graduation, I decided to gain exposure to the insurance field, taking a position at Norwich Union Insurance. As a sales advisor, I primarily generated insurance quotes. After one year, I craved greater challenge, deciding to look for new www.getintouni.com Throughout my life, I have always sought During 200, I immersed myself in greater intellectual stimulation, and this thorough preparations for business search has typically entailed abandonment school, learning to write business plans, of the familiar to pursue the unknown. In model businesses and carry out statistical my business pursuits, I will continue to tests. Through my self-directed study and adopt this risk-taking approach and will experience in the Management position, not rest until I reach my maximum level I’m thoroughly familiar with the concepts of accomplishment. By adopting the behind strategy, marketing. constructive, determined approach of business wizards such as Wunderman, While an academic record can reveal much I have a much better chance of about a person’s character, illustrating getting there. traits such as discipline, determination, and responsibility, it does not provide the complete picture. Namely, grades and scores cannot detail lessons learned, challenges met and victories achieved. Throughout my life, I have always sought greater intellectual stimulation, and this search has typically entailed abandonment of the familiar to pursue the unknown. In my business pursuits, I will continue to Get Into Uni | 9 Get into uni MBA (2) Why do you wish to study for the MBA? currency, and visited Bangalore to learn for its excellent faculty, outstanding about the real estate market. Furthermore, academic atmosphere and its high quality my career has allowed me to travel of education. In the process of researching My first venture came when I studied extensively and learn more about other the ideal course for me, I have carefully cultures in Europe and Asia. studied the program that you offer, and Science at St Andrews University. I chose to apply to St Andrews because of its warranted reputation as on of the top university in the country, knowing that such an experience would allow me to develop my analytical skills and logical reasoning. I enjoyed the intellectual challenge of understanding the foundations of scientific discovery and exploring the more advance theories. W...
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