Last year which to escape into my imagination with

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Unformatted text preview: relate, as well as exposing Reading opened a new path for me. As me to various perspectives and ideas Studying English at university will give me a very shy child, I had difficulty making dissimilar to my own. the skills to fulfill my long lasting dream of sharing my story writing with the world. friends and spent much of my time dreaming up stories in which I was a Eventually, I would like to teach English princess or a courageous heroine who language and literature to students who saved the day. While my imagination have not yet encountered the power of flourished, I remember feeling alienated literature in their lives. I believe I could from my peers, as other girls talked about inspire them to gain insight from the clothes and their favourite television or books they read. Furthermore, reading film actors. I was interested, instead, high quality literature often inspires in looking at the sky and imagining the people to write. I have benefited greatly Get Into Uni | 8 Get into uni English (2) Ray Bradbury once wrote: ‘If you did not write every day, the poisons would accumulate and you would begin to die, or act crazy or both - you must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you’. This statement perfectly sums up my deep passion for writing and reading; I view novels and poems as paths to a deeper understanding of human behaviour and the world around us. perform a duel purpose of entertaining the to pursue my interest in English beyond reader and discussing moral and historical the normal syllabus. I contribute regularly issues. Reading between the lines of works to the college magazine and participate by the likes of Chaucer and Shakespeare in editing other articles for inclusion. I to Hemmingway and Steinbeck reveals have recently been attending an evening an often subtle commentary on the era in course for creative writing, which is taught which the works were written. by a published writer who has given me valuable criticism on my writing style and With this analytical approach to reading, has started me down the path of becoming I make an effort to read books that an author. represent many different genres to gain a more global viewpoint. In order to become a successful writer and further hone my writing skills, I wish For instance, I particularly enjoy to continue my studies of English at The words we read can teach us much reading books that contain interesting university. It will serve as a catalyst for my about the world and its history, and physiological ideas interwoven into the own writing and extend my knowledge of a greater still, most pieces of literature serve narrative. subject for which I have developed a great enthusiasm. as a mere starting point for the plethora of ideas authors or poets wishes to describe One of my favourite authors is Iris through their work. Murdoch, who views human beings as I believe that university will provide me ‘accidental’ creatures who are purportedly not only with an excellent education, but I have learnt to extract mea...
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