My grandfathers stories cause me to think a

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Unformatted text preview: y providing my future As a historian, I would also be a social students with a glimpse of the path their scientist. Learning these patterns of ancestors have taken, hopefully making Get Into Uni | 27 Get into uni History (2) Growing up in London with socially and politically aware parents allowed me to bear witness to a countless number of discussions and debates concerning important issues that affect us all. For example, my father, a physician for nearly thirty years, has always professed his strong opinions about the obligation of government to provide quality healthcare for those not able to afford it on their own. Over time, I would not only listen, but also participate in the valuable exchange of ideas, and this setting provided me with a vigorous interest in politics. academic subjects, with the added benefit competitions, having won honours in two of having the information given in context. of them and seeing an essay I composed Consider, for instance, the controversial on Shakespeare’s Hamlet published in topic of colonialism, which one could our community newspaper. I aim to approach by giving definitions of terms someday develop this talent further such as ‘dynamism’, or by providing a map and write a book. showing European expansion. However, history allows these issues to come to life. Fortunately, I will be able to combine my love for literature and writing with my This notion of history serving not only as ever-increasing devotion to history. I an educational tool, but also as a warning, plan to pursue a teaching career after prompted me to take notice of patterns in receiving my history degree, possibly for human behaviour. I soon became more post-sixteen students. I would very much comfortable taking a stand on certain like to pass on the knowledge I have issues and joined several social causes, acquired in order to enrich their lives. including the promotion of literacy. As occurred to me, teaching history Peering into the past has taught me that will provide students with a context in My concern for these pertinent issues ignorance has been the primary cause of which to view the world that surrounds evolved into and became intertwined most social ills. Teaching adult literacy them, as well as an understanding of with a fascination with history. As a child, on a volunteer basis has afforded me the the circumstances that bring meaning I remember having difficulty forming an opportunity to develop my communication to the facts. In this way, I will also be opinion on these issues, but studying skills, while in the process teaching me teaching them sociology, psychology, history has helped me better understand about social differences. communications, and even literature and language. These are the disciplines one the world around me. I have learnt that history provides us with a context in My academic success has contributed to studies in order to work, live and relate which to frame our perspective on human the discovery of a new self-confidence. with other people. society. History offers us as examples the Armed with an increased understanding triumphs and mistakes of those who have of the w...
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