On a personal level a degree in sociology a degree in

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Unformatted text preview: hey achieve long-term career goal is to become an ultimate human performance. exercise psychologist – primarily helping to increase exercise participation and Clearly, motivation is the tool that must be motivation levels with the application of nurtured and used to achieve performance psychology. Studying a sports science stability and continuous growth. I am degree is the first step to achieving attracted by the fact that sports science is this dream. a continually developing subject and that it combines many disciplines - physiology, It was important for me to survive and biology, chemistry and nutrition. The learn from the experiences of skiing. My work of Bengt Saltin has particularly abilities were channelled into a variety of captured my attention, and I take pleasure As I propelled myself through the opening sports - athletics, netball, hockey - you in reading his publications on Muscle gate and plummeted down the white name it. At sixteen, I moved to Scotland. Research and exercise science. slope, I knew my skis were only skimming I spent a year fulfilling a challenging the snow beneath me, and every twist academic schedule that would perfect I do not approach this application process urged me on to the finish. I looked up to my English language skills, but enjoyed half-heartedly. I have carried out research the clock to confirm fourth position – a building on my sporting interests in the on the different degrees available, and creditable achievement for any athlete. second year of college; I interacted with your sports science degree was the only all students, and became a key player programme that excited me. I am applying Though driven to compete and improve on in many sports societies. The value of to no other institutions. fourth place, a series of inexplicably poor enthusiasm and teamwork in sport was performances made me investigate what especially demonstrated to me in the Although I am unable to fulfil my dream was holding me back. My knees had begun position of Netball captain; one of my of becoming a professional skier, I am to weaken, and I was eventually diagnosed proudest moments was the team reaching dedicated to pursuing sports science and with hyperthyroidism. second runners-up at county level. I am understanding the dynamics of exercise now exploring activities such as yoga programmes. I will prove to you that I have Following the diagnosis, I no longer ski and horse riding, as well as cross-country the intellectual stamina and commitment competitively, but continue to ski for fun. running, and I take an active role in weekly to excel in my academic studies, and Although I was disappointed to have to sports meetings and by contribute sport will make the most of opportunities reassess my aim of turning professional, results to the local newspapers. given to me. I do not regret the illness – everything happens for a reason. I now know that All my experiences, whether challenges or personal experience of physical problems obstacles, have contributed to my desire will give me a deeper understanding of to pursue studies in sports science. I want the principles of spor...
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