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Unformatted text preview: for example of Euclid’s proof of the infinity knowledge beyond the content of the of primes, is its simplicity. The idea that A-level course. I recently represented one can show that the list of primes never the school in a national Youth Speaks ends, in so few easy to follow lines, is competition, arguing for the case of nothing short of astonishing. It is this improving world poverty. beauty and simplicity that has always fascinated me about the subject. I am always widely involved in college life outside of the classroom, and participate Quantum Theory and Relativity are in both the college athletics club and the mathematical theories that attempt School Council. These activities allow me to explain the laws of the universe. to learn new skills. I recently represented Relativity can be summarised in the my district in both shot put and discus, one mathematical formula that almost and I managed to achieve a third place in everyone knows E = mc2. It is this diversity both events. of application that intrigues me and makes me want to study it in depth. I feel it will give me logistic and reasoning abilities To further my knowledge of Mechanics, I that are pivotal for virtually all areas of recently accepted a summer placement study, consequently giving a very strong to work at Rolls Royce for two weeks. I will base for a wide range of careers. be participating in various seminars as well as doing some administrative work, I greatly enjoy the Mechanical side of and I look forward to being able to learn Mathematics and achieved 00% in the more about the Aerospace industry. It is a AS Mechanics module. I have a particular career path that I would be interested in www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 8 Get into uni MBA () What are the reasons you are pursuing an MBA program? opportunities. Transferring to the travel adopt this risk-taking approach and will section, I assumed the position of Travel not rest until I reach my maximum level of Executive, during which I performed many and operations. I now wish to expand my Whenever I have set a goal in life, my mind customer service tasks and managed the proficiency in these areas on the distribution of insurance certificates. MBA program. has always drifted to the example set by Lester Wunderman. Growing up poor Yet, I still yearned for more challenge, more risk and more opportunity. After two years While an academic record can reveal much of service at Norwich Union, I decided to about a person’s character, illustrating enter the perpetually stimulating field of traits such as discipline, determination, business. However, I wanted to pursue a and responsibility, it does not provide and ‘Gold Box’. business career after gaining a thorough the complete picture. Namely, grades mastery of the subject matter; therefore, and scores cannot detail lessons learned, Wunderman was never content to accept I needed a university degree. challenges met and victories achieved. amidst the Great Depression, he went on to become a marketing mastermind, responsible for innovative direct me...
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