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Unformatted text preview: cademic attention extra-curricular activities. goals to achieve in one’s professional on languages. I am confident that languages will be life, the intangible intellectual growth and development that I can gain from studying In school, I have studied German, and I the bridge that has led me to the right are just as vital to my survival as financial have already reaped the fruits of the time career path. I will be able to learn copious security. I am prepared to put all my energy and effort I have put forth. I was among amounts about world politics, religion, into the pursuit of a university degree; the top ten foreign language students in and current affairs. This will change the studying languages will help me realise my school and was chosen to participate way I think about my own country, and my goals and ambitions of becoming a in an educational excursion to Germany. will make me a better citizen and a more well-rounded member of society, no matter For one week, we were allowed to sit in on intelligent and compassionate individual. what career I choose to pursue upon business meetings and attend government I will be able to realise my own dreams and graduation. conferences. Conversing in a new language make my parents proud in the process. and understanding business in another Studying languages will fulfil me in culture were both challenging and exciting, many different ways. I have always and this invaluable experience revealed to enjoyed travelling and learning about me that language truly is a key that opens other cultures, and the only effective many doors. way to become familiar with other cultures is to spend a significant period In order to successfully open these doors, of time immersed in it. You must speak I will have to continue dedicating myself the language to understand cultural to study. Fortunately, I have always intricacies, and although one may never been a hard worker and an academic have the capacity to escape completely the achiever, attributes that have given me world perspective forged by one’s native the confidence to begin university studies. www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 4 Get into uni Law As I stepped up to the platform to complete the cross-examination, a softball-sized knot took shape in my stomach. I prayed that my vocal cords would not fail me. Preparing to question the prosecution’s key witness, I knew that my performance would determine whether my team left the courtroom with the smiles of victors or the furrowed brows of the defeated. A-level law program, I had expected to Very few principles are more integral to the take part in this activity to enjoy myself, structure of society than the establishment explore a possible career, and enhance and enforcement of law. Practising law useful skills such as public speaking. My would enable me to participate in that teachers, family and friends had always natural process. I would be involved in insisted that I would make an excellent decisions that would impact history and solicitor because of my skill at convincing humanity, while also se...
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