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Unformatted text preview: programmes such as ‘Question Time’ perhaps had not fully considered before. and ‘Newsnight’ with great interest. I find I concentrated on accurately conveying that reading the works of such political my ideas to a large group of people and philosophers as Mill, Rawls and Nietzsche listening to their arguments. Participating provides me with an understanding of in the competition gave me an enduring the roots of modern political theory, sense of fulfillment. I look forward to using and the novels of Anthony Trollope the communication skills I have gained provide an interesting view of the human to present my arguments at university relationships within the political world. and beyond in an effective and confident manner. Not only do I maintain knowledge of current events and ideas, but I have also In addition to my passion for politics, I gained practical experience in politics. partake in various activities. I often play Taking part in a work experience at the rugby, both casually and for my college Liberal Democrat Headquarters of Don and enjoy most types of film and visit the Foster MP exposed me to the functions cinema regularly. My greatest passion Get Into Uni | 5 Get into uni Politics (2) In recent years, I have developed a deep interest in all aspects of politics. The importance of political decisions has inspired me to learn as much about the subject as possible, thus leading to my motivation to pursue a degree in the subject. I have tried to gain practical experience I am greatly looking forward to the in the political world through active prospect of studying Politics at university. debate and work. I recently participated Decisions made by politicians have a in a school debating competition, which wide range of effects on society, and I am involved debating moral and political enthusiastic about learning as much as issues as a team against sides from I can on the subject. With this degree, other schools. I wish to contribute to the world around me by learning more about how it operates, I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to and I feel that completing a degree in Politics and government play a central role get involved in serious debate with Politics will set me on the right path. in our everyday lives by affecting almost other students, and although my team everything we do. How we influence one finished as runner-up, I learned valuable another, exert power and make collective communication and organisational skills. decisions draws me to the field. I was able to apply these skills during a Politicians articulate our understanding one-week work placement with a public of public controversies, social change, relations company in London, where I world affairs, and the manner in which contributed to communication research. organisations function. The company allowed me to observe key personnel at work, and I learned I believe these skills and knowledge that that public relations represent a key I could gain from studying Politics would...
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