Since then i have volunteered i could be an excellent

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Unformatted text preview: ople accessing services; and how that to be inspired towards my first degree the work of Janá ek. situation could be improved. Grace White; of all the people in my life, I find his music charmingly positive, The workshops also provided a forum for she has been responsible for the most with an unusual and distinctive mood. a question and answer session with local constructive encouragement. Furthermore, Acting, dance, and music were used to health workers. The use of drama and role she introduced me to the wonders of portray a wide range of young people’s play to approach these sensitive issues poetry. Reading Dostoevsky, Gorky, and views and experiences. The performance was ideal, as all the young people were Shakespeare has been life changing, and was followed by a workshop, and the involved and reaching understanding brought new and special perspectives to project explored two themes. The first and developing opinions by exploring my whole outlook. was alcohol and the possible positive possibilities imaginatively, rather than in and negative effects of consuming it. more institutionalised circumstances that I now aspire to playing a similar role in The performance addressed how alcohol may be unfamiliar or intimidating. I am the lives of other students as Grace White can be fun and can help people to enjoy therefore convinced that the use of drama played in mine. I can think of nothing more themselves; it also explored alcohol’s in our classrooms is fundamental as it rewarding than to inspire other people ability to change people’s characters invigorates many other subject areas. to explore their personal horizons, and and thought processes, and lead to high relationships to their world, through drama risk, sometimes even life-threatening, I am most enthusiastic about the and art. Recently, I was involved in leading situations. opportunity to study for a PGCE, as I know in drama by an extraordinary teacher, this will enable me to translate the skills drama productions intended to inform and educate students about existing health The second theme related to sexual I have acquired from drama productions services. This gave me the opportunity to health, developed through a range of and develop the education of my drama create drama with groups of young people, scenarios about issues of health and degree. I believe in helping others to which was particularly didactic. The drama young people’s views on accessing enjoy what performances bring and in provided a unique learning experience for services. The performances explored encouraging surprising benefits in the us all, because it reached large groups of how young people can feel pressured responses of young people. students, gave each participant individual into smoking; the difficulties they face in Get Into Uni | 6 Get into uni Teaching () For three years I have worked as a volunteer teacher at a local youth charity. Through these experiences, I have learned how to convey my enthusiasm for art in both the classroom setting and with my students one-on-one. my abilities as an instructor and have University for three years, I am confident recently completed my postgraduate in the professors at the Didsbury Centre diploma in leadership. I hope to combine...
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