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Unformatted text preview: university, I look forward to engaging in accomplishment was working in the problem solving. It is exciting to consider evenings as a helper in a maths tuition that, as a mathematician, my reasoning centre, I appreciated the opportunity to skills could help find the solution to some co-operate with others and gain valuable of the world’s most difficult dilemmas. organisational skills. I have a great enthusiasm for the At present, I am leaning most heavily mathematics field, I am confident towards teaching maths. I benefited that I have the intellectual prowess greatly from the skill and dedication of and commitment to be an excellent the teachers who have worked with me mathematician. over the years, and I am sure I would Mr Saunders, my Maths teacher has been enjoy utilizing some of their methods a great inspiration – I began to develop an and creativity with students of my own. In affinity for maths and this was a turning addition, I am aware that there is a severe point in my intellectual life. Put more shortage of maths teachers. poetically, I am excited by the prospect of unravelling mysteries and solving I have gained crucial leadership skills after complex problems. recently completing my Duke of Edinburgh Gold expedition in the Black Mountains Upon leaving school to pursue my A level’s in Wales during a week of extremely bad at college, I became convinced that maths weather. Despite the harsh conditions, would hold the key to my future. my team succeeded in achieving all our goals in the allotted time. By forcing “You should aim to get some work me to overcome challenges while under experience in banking,” my mother duress, this expedition has improved said. It is hard to argue with my mother. my endurance and ability to operate My first day working for Halifax bank, I successfully as part of a team. keenly arrived at the offices at 9:00 in the morning. It was the first time I had to take By studying A level mathematics and by some adult responsibilities. Each day, working in banking during the summer, my fascination with numbers increased, I have broadened my knowledge of the motivating me to pursue this at degree subject, gaining a thorough foundation level, so that I can explore my problem that will prove useful as I pursue a solving skills in even greater depth. mathematics degree. Get Into Uni | 7 Get into uni Maths (2) Mathematics can be summed up in a quote by G.H. Hardy, who once wrote:“The beauty lies, not in the shape of the symbols, but in the ideas behind them”. passion for the topic of thermo-dynamics, following in the future, and I believe that and it is something I wish to pursue in the Mathematics is an ideal basis for this. future. Last year, I qualified for the British My strength and determination prevails Mathematical Olympiad, run by the UKMT, through everything I do which makes me which I hope to qualify for again this year. a great student. I also read books on mathematical nature, I believe that the beauty of Mathematics, allowing me to extend my mathematical...
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