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The opportunity to study showing towards such

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Unformatted text preview: of this work only strengthened my desire Myelogenous Leukaemia (CML). to be a doctor. Haematology is an area in which I am particularly interested, and it was A career in medicine will allow me to captivating to see the specialty from integrate thoroughly my passion for a more complex side. I was able to science into a public-service framework. understand how the level of platelets Since childhood, I have loved acquiring I first became interested in medicine as affects blood clotting. Throughout scientific knowledge, particularly involving a child, when I had to visit the hospital the week I expanded my knowledge biological processes. I also have a keen emergency room after injuring my knee by speaking to patients and doctors. interest in health care policy and public during a football game. The night we were I enjoyed this experience immensely health; while serving as a physician, I plan there, the doctors were also attending because it allowed me to see both the to pursue additional roles in these fields. to a woman in labour, a car accident personal and technical side of medicine. involving four people, and another small I also had the opportunity to speak to I am an extremely hardworking individual child who needed stitches to close a gash some terminally ill patients, which, who thrives under pressure, and I believe on his head. I saw the quick thinking and although highly emotional at times, was that the challenge of studying Medicine physical and mental agility the doctors also extremely rewarding. is one I would relish. I look forward to a rewarding period of study that will displayed, and I was immediately in awe of their dedication and resolve. Since then, I The operating theatre was also lead me to a career in which I will help have discovered these same qualities inspirational. I enjoyed observing the others through the most interesting and in myself. stream of practical knowledge flowing from stimulating of disciplines. senior surgeons who, regardless of the As I pursue my goals, I often find an inner tense atmosphere, found the time to teach strength that enables me to go the extra junior surgeons. Living these moments mile and work a hard. I also have an innate with doctors in the making had a profound curiosity, which drives me to learn all I can impact on my career choice. about the topic I am studying. This work experience affirmed that To further my insight into the medical medicine is not only about making world, I shadowed a doctor at Walsgrave the correct diagnosis and providing www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 42 Get into uni Medicine (2) After working over one hundred hours a week for more than three months, I completed the project to great success. I had worked hard on this difficult assignment; on the surface, my job was going well. With an MA in Management and a covenant position with a Big Four accounting firm, I had impressive credentials. I had also gained substantial experience working with information systems and performing financial audits...
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