This desire to help and to serve as a i have

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Unformatted text preview: h disease and medication on my possible. I believe that the true meaning own. At high school, I assembled a group of medicine is a combination of treatment, of other students and entered the regional trust, and a caring approach: a patient’s Power Science competition. overall condition will improve with the help of a few reassuring words and a smile. Building upon my earlier interests, we built a working model of a lung; we simulated I have participated in other types of the effects of asthma with and without activities that will contribute to my medication. I accompanied the project success. I have a strong sense of accuracy with a paper on the mechanisms of asthma and attention to detail, which were medication that detailed the shrinkage of rewarded in a Young Business Enterprise Get Into Uni | 49 Get into uni Physiotherapy (2) One never knows which events and choices will eventually serve to change the course of his or her life. Sometimes, seemingly random occurrences can steer one toward a life path that is perfect for that individual, and yet would have been completely missed if it were not for the influence of circumstance. massaged back to health and/or a is actually part healer. I would be ideal pain free state. for this field because I am an extremely compassionate person. I have three From a young age, I have been interested younger sisters and have developed an in science. The human body is especially ability to nurture that would be ideal for fascinating because no manufactured physiotherapy. When helping someone product can ever come close to simulating recover from an injury, I would be able to the resiliency and functionality of the focus on the patient’s health and well- muscles, joints and bones that are the being, but also in helping him or her to body’s foundation. remain emotionally positive and become stronger and more functional than ever. For me, it was an injury I sustained while Likewise, the brain is also unfathomable. playing tennis on my high school team. I am especially intrigued by the process by Another reason for my interest is that this My anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) which electrical impulses are generated discipline involves a large mental health was damaged during the early stages and how they cause certain reactions in component. As a physiotherapist, I would of a tournament, and I was forced to sit the body. For this reason, I have always encourage my patients to be proactive, out the rest of the matches. I was very been intrigued with mind-over-matter and to take a positive approach to their disappointed until, two days later, I was practices, such as meditation, biofeedback recovery and future fitness. For me, this taken to a physiotherapist for treatment. and hypnotism. would be an upbeat and enjoyable way to spend my workday. I was so fascinated by the methods the doctor used to treat my injured ACL. I want to study physiotherapy because it is a discipline that is on the verge of virtually I am aware that this specialty requires very My phy...
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