This enabled us to invest in better equipment with

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Unformatted text preview: that I have a lot to offer university horizons and enable me to realise my most - I am enthusiastic about taking on the ambitious goals. role of form tutor, and would welcome the chance to contribute to the university In addition to design, engineering enrichment programme. offers opportunities in development, manufacture and distribution of products My interests, however, are not entirely and services. This variety will provide a in construction and design. I have also more stimulating intellectual environment developed skills of research and business. so I can encourage students to explore This has allowed me to bring our school’s engineering for themselves through a student newspaper to a higher level whilst variety of different learning experiences. I was it’s editor for two years. In the past, The challenges will be varied and the many of the students and faculty had seen tasks diverse. I will work diligently, the newspaper, Newsaround, as amateur until I have acquired expertise in all as the articles were sometimes tainted aspects of classic teaching techniques, by erroneous fact and the layout did not as well as a familiarity with the look professional. current trends. Get Into Uni | 6 Get into uni Engineering () For as long as I can remember, computers and other electrical devices have fascinated me. Whenever I encounter such an item, I seek to understand every aspect of its operation and immediately begin adapting it to my own specifications. studies and outside projects with intensive personal interest, I have demonstrated engineering experience, I have undertaken my considerable commitment to work at an engineering company in electrical engineering. Cambridge. During my week long project, I experimented with welding and used lasers to work on a variety of materials. Although electrical engineering constitutes my primary pursuit, I lead a life of Because of this sustained interest, varied interests, with music serving as I have an extensive history working a particularly rewarding hobby. In my with electrical objects. As part of my spare time, I play the piano and keyboard, design and technology AS coursework, earning a grade five level in theory and I have designed and built a retractable grade three at piano. I routinely play by telephone cord. To complete this process, I ear, working out songs that I have heard composed a two-step plan of action. First, on the television or radio, and I enjoy I wrote a computer programme. Next, I composing pieces on my synthesiser. I designed and built a printed circuit board have also begun to learn jazz piano songs so that the telephone cord automatically requiring extensive improvisation. retracts into the telephone, thereby saving space, and improving safety by reducing True to form, I have even found a way to the number of wires around the telephone. integrate my engineering interests into Because I fully planned and executed this my musical activities: I often set up the project, I acquired substantial knowledge lighting and speakers for my friend’s...
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