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This position has studying history at oxford

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Unformatted text preview: volunteered to assist with exam to my past work experience, my teaching scuba diving at a school in Italy. background and qualifications have given This experience was extremely valuable, me the skills to succeed in your program. improving my communication skills and Although school occupies most of my time, the appreciation of different cultures I have learnt the rewards of contributing and backgrounds. www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 29 Get into uni International Business (MA) For as long as I can remember I have wanted to own my own accountancy business so that I could devote my career to the world of finance. Richard Branson. Rupert Murdoch. Bill Gates. Each of them has one thing in common: dreams. I do possess a quality common among the group; just as they all had a specific dream to succeed in business, I too have a dream to be the best I can be. By studying international business, I will take the next step towards fulfilling my ambitions. placement with an accountancy firm in Furthermore, I pursue interests outside the summer, an opportunity that enabled of study. I am a member of a swim club me to increase my knowledge with and have great interest in conservation, practical experience. particularly the protection of local bird life. I volunteer with the RSPB to help monitor To further my knowledge of accountancy local bird numbers. I look forward to since the completion of my degree, continuing these interests and hobbies I have been working within the fashion in the future. retail industry as a Stockroom Manager. This position has given me experience Studying international business will analysing sales data and conducting afford me the opportunity to expand my stock checks. knowledge base and broaden my horizons. My work has also involved the Building upon my undergraduate studies interlinking of stock management and and practical experience in accountancy, promotional strategy to ensure the stock along with my managerial experience, I I took my first step toward achieving this budget provides goods to influence feel that I would succeed in this master’s goal by studying a degree in Finance the perception, understanding, and degree course. I look up to the great Management for three years, which actions of the target audiences. I have businessmen in the world and admire their provided me with the academic and delivered cost savings, and am proud of accomplishments, but I also aim to fulfil practical preparation needed to enter the my achievements to date. This role has my own dreams in my own individual way. business world. As an undergraduate, enabled me to develop the necessary skills the topic I found most exciting was of being responsible for a team, working accountancy. Learning the parallels to under pressure, creating and meeting and connections between accountancy deadlines, discipline, and multi-tasking, and business has been intriguing. I took all while devoting complete attention to advantage of the rigorous accountancy customer needs and competitor pricing. coursework to gain a firm grasp of the principles underlying the subject area. In addition to...
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