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We had to decide how much money served to increase my

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Unformatted text preview: As a Forensic Psychologist, I would aim to field, and inform myself about current focus on ongoing and ‘real world’ research, arguments for and against certain ethical ranging from evaluations of eyewitness As I entered the prison, the officers issues in psychology, I read the journals of testimony to the best treatment for helped to dispel my initial tension; the the British Psychological Society regularly. mentally ill offenders in correctional purpose of the visit was to learn about I have recently read the Principles and institutions and in the community. I am the rehabilitation program as part of my Practice of Forensic Psychiatry by Churchill particularly attracted to your programme sociology A level. Livingstone, and found the account of because of its reputation for research into Daniel McNaughton, with a description new areas of forensic psychiatry: changes The goal of the prison was to prepare the of the murder and trial that led to the in the penal system, stalking behaviour, prisoners for the outside world, focussing development of the McNaughton rules, and the use of neuropsychological on the assessment of interpersonal skills. particularly thought-provoking. testing. I look forward to reaching my potential through the opportunities given Surprised at the varying degrees of life within the prison, my fascination at the As well as reading, I enjoy music. I have by your Forensic Psychology course, and diverse idiosyncrasies and behaviour of developed a deep interest in all kinds of have prepared myself well – financially the criminal personality was to be a lasting music: playing the cello has been a major and academically – to undertake this influence on my resolve to pursue element of my life. programme. forensic psychology. I have been driven to fulfil many goals Eager to build on my experience and in my life by the prospect of helping channel an already pervading interest people. I now see myself as having much in human behaviour into a means of to offer, by combining my experience in helping others, I took a position as a psychiatry with my dream of becoming an Psychiatric Technician, privately hoping expert in personality traits - to enhance for opportunities to develop knowledge a criminal investigation, for example, or that would benefit my interest in forensic to help reform prisoners. Although it is psychology. encouraging to have ambitions, I am now ready to translate my goals into reality and Part of my role was to evaluate treatment feel excited at the prospect of eventually and care using the care programme attaining Chartered Forensic Psychologist www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 2 Get into uni Geography () The beauty and the richness of the Malvern Hills’ natural mineral springs and awe-inspiring views rivalled nothing I had ever seen. between families’ homes influenced their A combination of human and physical behaviour. geography will provide me with a framework for understanding individual Geography, then, serves as an essential societies, as well as the world as a piece of the puzzle. The discipline whole. This appreciation will equip m...
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