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Unformatted text preview: goals, rewards that accompany work in the however, I underwent a process of personal medical field. growth that has propelled me towards a career as a physician. www.getintouni.com Get Into Uni | 4 Get into uni Music () I began to study music at a very young age, attempting to play an instrument before I had learned to read. I began piano lessons at age four, but after about six months, my parents decided I had started too young. Experiences like those in the symphony, rest of my life. I would like to further as well as the numerous recitals and study the violin, but I am also interested competitions in which I have participated, in branching out into various areas of have created in me a hunger to move the musical arena. I do not know where people with my music. I am aware, else music will take me, but the career however, that musical performance is not possibilities are virtually endless. I know a career that can work for everyone. The that I have come full-circle, however, demands can be overwhelming and the since I was that four-year old looking out Coming from an underprivileged financial compensation often limited. the window. I now look at music as the background, my mother wanted me to If I cannot succeed as a professional playground, and I can’t wait to get out have exposure to reading, writing, and musician, I have the option of working in there and join in. arithmetic at an early age, but also to be the business side of music, composing, or acquainted with art, music, and theatre. teaching music. But at that young age, I remember staring out the window longing to play with my I gained some teaching experience last friends instead of having a lesson. My year giving violin lessons to several musical journey was far from over, though, young children. This was my effort to get as I did not lack talent or discipline. a taste of the teaching profession and What I needed was passion. Fortunately, to see if my temperament was suited for I discovered the violin and began my this demanding profession. I found that I path towards applying to study for a enjoyed the challenge of motivating young degree in Music. people, convincing them that playing an instrument could be more than just a chore In the violin, I found my passion, out of done to please their parents. which was born a relentless dedication. In the twelve years since I made a deal After a few months, I was so taken with with my parents that I would stick with the experience that I volunteered with the the violin for at least a year, an agreement Golden Lion Children’s Trust, a charitable they stopped having to enforce soon after, organisation that serves underprivileged there has rarely been a day that I did not and disabled children. My first student, pick up my violin and play. In high school, Julian, told me that playing violin feels like I began performing in my local symphony running in a field or playing football with orchestra, and the thrill was amazing. I his friends. recall a woman in the audience dabbing tears from her eyes as the sound of my Now, as I enter university, I know that violin filled the air. music will provi...
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