Action for me we drove through the farmlands of ohio

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Unformatted text preview: tigates traffic must not only establish a goal but also systems throughout the UK. This practical have the ability to motivate others in experience afforded me the opportunity pursuit of it. to become skilled in the operation of radio equipment, as well as enhancing my My suggestion of allowing parents to analytical skills by interpreting traffic data. attend the computer club has proved extremely successful. Not only has this Further understanding of the field and its programme assisted parents and students On a rather long hike, I became aware of significance to society came to me recently in becoming familiar with the latest the interesting rock formations and local when I attended the Global Alternative computer technology, it has also made me flora. Throughout the following six years, I Fuels Exhibition in Berlin. more confident about offering help and advice. If given the opportunity, I would have increasingly become more observant of the geographical environment that The Geography and Environmental greatly enjoy continuing such tutoring surrounds us and its impact on how we Sciences Department at school arranged at university. live our daily lives. the trip, and I found it extremely interesting. The event showcased the In this vein, I hope to contribute both This interest in geography prompted me to various alternative methods that major academically and socially to university life, pursue the subject academically, resulting motor and fuel companies employ or while preparing myself for a successful in an A grade on my A-Level examination. plan to implement in order to improve professional career. I am confident that I Throughout my A-level studies, I have the manner in which we power the world. will achieve the goals I have set for myself, learnt a great deal about how geography I found several of the ideas thought- and I greatly look forward to studying can apply to the world of Business and provoking, which has only fuelled my own geography at degree level. I will always Commerce and have become particularly desire to study geography. think fondly of the saturated journey in the Lake District as I continue forward on interested in transport systems and how they relate to human and economic Complementing my academic interests, geography. For my coursework, I have I have developed my communication focussed on the improvement of the and interpersonal skills by joining several parking facilities within our college clubs and organisations. As I have become by addressing the issues of ever-present adept at using computers, my favourite congestion. life’s trail. club is the school computer club, which I joined in my first year of A-Levels. Get Into Uni | 25 Get into uni Graphic Design All my life, my feelings and thoughts have come to me in colours and shapes. I began drawing and painting at primary school and showed a talent for mixed media. Like my father, who is an architect, I was able to think about practical things in a creative way. Using glue, paint, and cardboard, I designed my f...
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