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Unformatted text preview: eing that each others through logical and persuasive of my individual cases receives justice. argumentation. Before the program, For this reason, I would drive myself to however, I had limited exposure to the continue learning throughout my lifetime, field, having worked as a court clerk for aware of the important responsibility only a few hours. I would undertake in this role. With the weight of the team resting directly I left that day, armed with a victory, but Studying law will provide an excellent on my shoulders, I began my interrogation. also with a career plan and substantive foundation for me to pursue a career as Immediately, the opposing barrister shot knowledge of the law. Through a solicitor or barrister. Because of my me the most hostile glance I had ever participating in cases such as this one, philosophical nature, however, I may encountered. I now understand much more about the choose to focus on the social context in components of a trial, from the basic which law and lawyers operate. I ignored him. As I slowly questioned the proceedings, to the strategies used witness, I realised that my questioning by barristers, to the diverse opinions Studying law stretches the imagination. was tearing holes in the witness’ story. My expressed by judges. I saw just how much My feelings echo in the words of French nervousness faded away and confidence hard work it requires to successfully try writer Jean Giraudoux: ‘There is no better took its place. After I asked my last cases; I often met with my coaches and way to exercise the imagination than the question, I sat down, relieved and jubilant, teammates on nights and weekends to study of the law. No artist ever interpreted but presenting a calm exterior; if I had work on our case strategies. nature as freely as a lawyer interprets the truth’. I am confident that I will succeed as openly expressed the full extent of my joy, security might have thrown me out My efforts paid off. At the end of the year, a law student and look forward to applying of the courtroom. our team performed well and I ended up the knowledge I learn at university for winning an ‘Outstanding Student Award.’ the greater good of all. I am grateful that I had just presented a case in front of a More important than the award, however, I had the opportunity to take part in the fictitious County Court Judge as part of was the realization that I had found my mock trial, as I now begin my path towards my college’s pilot ‘Law-In-Practice future career-in a courtroom. This time, practicing law in reality. Program.’ As a student in the college’s however, the cases will be real. Get Into Uni | 5 Get into uni Marketing Little did I know when I began my marketing career that my interest in service quality marketing would evolve into an enthusiasm for relationship marketing. Satisfying customer needs is always the necessary objective in any sort of business and marketing. specific product than on the marketer’s clients, manufacturers and management. ability to promote the organisation and its As a result of my academic and work products and services. experiences, I have deve...
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