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Unformatted text preview: a pregnancy, and during and after birth. This degree in Midwifery represents a Get Into Uni | 47 Get into uni Pharmacy () I grew up with an incessant fascination with science, and chemistry in particular. In primary school, when we began studying the elements and their reactions to environmental factors, I imagined that I was making magical potions or mixing miracle elixirs. patient care process. I would welcome Studying pharmacy requires a patient the chance to work in a hospital, clinic, and analytical mind, which would or private pharmacy, using the skills and suit the sometimes confounding knowledge gained from a pharmacy nature of this career. A persistent and course to become a gatekeeper of the disciplined individual, I would have the medical community. perseverance to study, search, and wait until I found answers; and, in the end, In fact, my disposition suits the patient there is a possibility that I would be a advocacy role very well. I am a social part of something momentous, such as At the age of twelve, my parents bought person who enjoys helping others. I discovering a new medication or a new use me a chemistry set designed to make especially enjoyed the two years I spent for one already in existence. science more fun. The activity booklet as a maths and science tutor for primary taught me how to create small volcanic school students. Shortly after completing Pharmacy studies offer excitement and eruptions, to fashion a battery from some my education degree in 2000, I was challenge, but it also carries tremendous wire and an apple, and to make a waterfall fortunate enough to be offered a teaching responsibility. Because of the highly of green smoke. Even these simple position with a primary school. complex nature of the current research, medicines have become more powerful experiments piqued my interest and helped in my decision to study sciences. For the last five years, I have enjoyed the and more speed. As a pharmacy With my aptitude for science, I feel that challenge of inspiring and motivating student, I feel that I would succeed and pursuing a career in pharmacology is the children’s interest in academics. Through eventually contribute to the field in right path for me. teaching, I learned a great deal about many ways. myself. I have found that I am particularly A career as a pharmacist would afford me adept at science and maths, which has led I possess the academic aptitude and the opportunity to work in a field that has me to look for a career that would utilise dedication to my studies. Furthermore, become as essential to modern healthcare both of these skills, while also allowing and perhaps more importantly, I have as that of physicians and nurses. Beyond me to continue helping others through my the attitude necessary to succeed the numerous professional opportunities work. I felt a great sense of satisfaction academically and professionally. My available with this degree, studying when I helped someone achieve a higher attention to detail and commitme...
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