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Unformatted text preview: trengthened my determination to have a library like my father’s as I carry on My constant reading and true passion for realise my dream. the family tradition. business elevated me to the top of my high school class. In one year, I passed through When I am not studying, I enjoy taking part nine exams and received the highest in activities within my local community. I qualifications. often volunteer at the local youth centre, and was involved in organising a fund Over the last few years, my studies have raising auction. We managed to raise taken me in a direction geared towards £500 for new sports equipment and extra learning more about the inner workings facilities. I learned what true leadership is, of a business, as well as the management and this experience will help me in future skills required to put these theories business situations. into practice. Get Into Uni | 8 Get into uni Chemistry The day Dr Edgar Whelan came to our school as a special speaker during my fourth-year science class was the day I made the decision to pursue a career pertaining to chemistry. contributions to our quality of life. With In addition to science, I have also been a chemistry degree, I would acquire interested in mathematics and logical skills that are indispensable not only problems. I was a member of my high to employers, but to society as a school mathematics club, through which whole, and hopefully this will result in I taught a summer seminar for children increased support for innovative and at the local library. I hope to use the groundbreaking research projects with communication skills I learned as a tool which I can be involved. in my studies and career. and he spoke to us about the research Because I have wanted to study chemistry I enjoy the process of learning both the he was conducting on ‘green chemistry’. since school, I sought medical experience, basic and the higher-level principles, and He stated that the purpose of chemistry working as a Laboratory Tester at would like someday to pass them on to was to ‘change the world, but only for Warrington Hospital for two years. During the future healers, problem-solvers and the good’. Green chemistry, he said, was this position, I gained much knowledge innovators of our time. Hopefully, I will the wave of the future and would make about clinical testing while thoroughly one day inspire university students just science safer for the environment and enjoying my patient interactions and as Dr Edgar Whelan influenced me. much more effective. I listened intently to observations of the day to day tasks of his lecture, and our class carried out an NHS professionals. Dr Whelan had been kind enough to visit while in town on a book promotion tour, experiment using acids and bases. Working in all parts of the hospital, Dr Whelan demonstrated how to convert from the radiology department to the a dangerous chemical into a safe one, psychiatric wing, I keenly observed the which represented one of the ways green effects of chemistry on patient health. The c...
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