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Unformatted text preview: mmunicate a love of education allows students to become learning to them. active learners rather than passive recipients of teaching. Most of the students appeared to be enthused by my positive style, and several Although I have not yet been employed approached me for further help after the in the educational sector, I have workshops. I enjoyed working with them sophisticated knowledge of the business on a one-to-one basis and felt wonderful world and a passion for delivering high when I was able to help them understand quality training. business and apply this to their organizations. I discovered that I loved I have acted as a mentor, and know that teaching, and felt tremendously rewarded. an interest in the students as individuals Having built on my teaching experience will enable me to help each one achieve in several other environments, I am now their potential in the best way. I want to ready to complete a formal teaching show them that I care about their learning qualification alongside experience, career development, and practical experience. personal challenges, and would like to create business courses that will engage I have always found it important to and motivate students to learn, provide nurture my own academic abilities, and opportunities for them to apply their have experienced continued success in learning to real life situations, and use several fields. I am now studying for a feedback productively. I understand Postgraduate Diploma in Management, that this will be challenging at times and Get Into Uni | 6 Get into uni Travel & Tourism () In reality, people cannot know about the world that lies outside their own sphere without travelling and witnessing it first-hand. speaking, taking home excellent grades I am excited to embark upon this new each year when my school entered regional journey in my life. Travelling is such an competitions. I think of these skills as important part of knowing who you are as being invaluable in the travel and tourism an individual, and exposing this to others industry. Whether I am dealing with through the travel and tourism industry We can read about other cultures and individuals preparing for their holidays, is my career goal. In school, I realised peoples, or we can watch films about those en route, or the somewhat depleted that I possessed great interpersonal the places in which they live; but this travellers returning from their adventures, communication skills, and I developed my provides a very limited experience from I know I can make them feel comfortable public speaking ability. I have explored the perspective of the person who created and assured that they are receiving the the industry and know that these skills will the book or film. Knowing about jazz best possible service. be valuable in an industry that relies on selling intangible goods. My business and music requires more than just listening marketing skills will contribute as well. to a compact disc. One must consume With this in mind, I am aware that the it in a smoky room, seeing the sad eyes industry in many aspects is like any of the singer...
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