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Unformatted text preview: hile at St Andrews, I took advantage of the complete experience by attending seminars and lectures in economics and politics to give me a wider scope on intend to prepare thoroughly before I hope to build upon the experiences I starting in order to improve my study have had thus far, as I believe that self- ability and academic knowledge a great improvement is essential to success. deal. I hope you will look favorably on my Seeking out the leadership role and application and give me the opportunity fulfilling the duties required will contribute to study and develop myself at your to the realisation of my ultimate aim in university. I know I will make the most of life, which is to lead an international these opportunities and satisfy the high organisation. The rewards of this work standards that you are expecting. only strengthened my desire to study for an MBA. What do you hope to achieve in the future? By pursuing an MBA, I seek to advance international affairs. my knowledge of business systems When I envision my life five years from and to perfect my leadership skills. I now, I imagine two possible scenarios. I had the opportunity to apply the skills have established the strong academic In the first, I am standing in front of a foundation essential for success, received boardroom of a profitable company, good results in my first degree and remain assisting executives in solving a central confident that I will achieve a brilliant final challenge to their company’s maximum result. As a postgraduate student, I will functioning. The other image could not be acquire the solid knowledge that will more different: in this vision, I am working render me fully capable of translating to my bolster my own fledgling business. I learned in the business world when, one of the world’s main private equity firms, offered me a position. The firm gave me heavy responsibilities early on. For example, after only a few months, I wrote, managed and presented the financial model of a takeover of a large public company, which is traditionally a vice president’s task. Presently, I work on emerging markets, keeping in mind both the micro real estate markets and macroeconomics. I analyzed China’s growing outsourcing industry and its connection with the office market. I researched the Turkish economy and my studies into my position. With great eagerness and determination, I look Whichever route I ultimately pursue, forward to facing the challenges awaiting an MBA will endow me with the broad me in my postgraduate studies. business acumen to address the specific issues encountered in a broad range Why do you wish to study at Warwick University? of positions. Your department is known internationally Get Into Uni | 40 Get into uni Media Since a very young age, I have had a profound interest in being involved with the media. Standing on stage in primary school during a play, I caught myself more than once looking into the audience for a parent with a video camera, whi...
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