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Interest in health care policy and public during a

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Unformatted text preview: and reconciliations. Upon examining my job responsibilities, In making this career transition, I must I realised that I enjoyed the problem- show evidence of the prolonged I have solving duties of my corporate career much succeeded at school while volunteering part more than the specific subject matter. I time, spending time with family and friends, had always worked hard to understand and working part-time. To better serve my and communicate my company’s line expected patient population, I plan to take of business. Furthermore, my detailed some refresher Spanish classes while in programming and financial analysis had medical school. identified many profitable opportunities for the company amidst a constantly changing, I have come to discover that a job and even complicated economy. a good income, absent another significant purpose, will not bring satisfaction. I plan Furthermore, my detailed programming to utilise my assets, namely my problem- and financial analysis had identified many solving affinity, strong work ethic, and profitable opportunities for the company interpersonal commitment, to craft a amidst a constantly changing, complicated stimulating, personally rewarding career in Upon entering my career, I had assumed that economy. Not only did my preferred career medicine. Fortunately, I have an opportunity professional and financial success would emphasise problem solving, but it also to make a change, and I could not be more surely bring personal fulfilment. After some allowed me to work closely with others in a grateful. I have taken stock of myself, time, however, I became frustrated because I caretaking role. When I examined my past, considering my skills, experiences, and did not enjoy my work. I decided to interview I observed a pattern of volunteer work goals. I have looked to family and friends, for similar positions. During this process, and leadership; some of whom are doctors, for advice. Why, then, was I not satisfied? Because of this self-examination, I have however, reality hit me: changing companies would not solve my problem because the My colleagues at work have commented entire career field did not meet my needs. on my idealism. While many motivate decided to pursue a career in healthcare. themselves with thoughts of maintaining a The process has been difficult at times but This realisation triggered a process of high salary or proving their worth through always illuminating. Throughout it all, I have self-searching that led me to medicine. This achievements, I have sought to shed those never lost confidence-the confidence that decision did not come quickly or easily. After goals in favour of providing tangible health I will actively absorb all available medical all, the commitment to provide others with benefits to others. I have already had more knowledge, forge friendships with fellow healthcare is a serious decision for anyone, fun than I deserve; I seek the long-term students, and emerge from my training as a particularly someone with an established intellectual challenge and interpersonal skilful and caring physician. career. As I examined my interests and...
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