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Unformatted text preview: I am sure I He assigned me a small corner of the will be fascinated by molecular biology, garden, enabling me to grow whatever I as well as the biology of animals, plants, could, and then he gave me an incubator and microorganisms. In order to inform in which I could hatch chicken eggs. my world view, and to ensure that I am responsible with the scientific knowledge Waiting for the chicks to be born, I read I acquire, I will also take biotechnology encyclopaedia articles about the process courses and study the social impact of and continuously talked about the biology. I will want to understand how to fertilized egg’s development. be proactive in my treatment, and so will These activities encouraged by my also pursue human nutrition and health, grandfather increased my desire for biochemistry and nutrition of livestock. more knowledge. Get Into Uni | 6 Get into uni Business () At the age of fifteen, I struck my first business deal, which set me on the path to success. My mother was the only parent to my younger brother and me, and I took up my first job delivering papers three days a week to earn some extra money. In addition to this initial business all of which would be enhanced with a experience, I feel that I possess the business studies degree. background and the skills necessary to succeed in this degree course and All of these experiences and aspects of beyond. At high school, I was an extremely my life have contributed to my interest enthusiastic learner, and I attained high in business. I feel I have a talent for grades through my hard work. organisation and management, which combined with my academic interests As I strive to learn fields such as finance, and imagination with regards to business During my third week, though, my bike marketing, and IT, it will benefit me greatly will result in great success for me both was stolen; since my pay was based to understand the inner workings of the academically at university and in the on the number of papers delivered and business world. business world. time-consuming, I had to think of a more Furthermore, I have participated in extra- Little did I know when I exchanged money effective plan. curricular activates that have taught me for the service of being driven around in invaluable skills that I can apply to my my neighbour’s milk cart that moment While on my round, I noticed a neighbour studies and to a career in business. I would start me on the way towards delivering milk every morning in his milk belonged to my school’s French club, for studying business. cart and approached him with the request whom I organised a number of social and of allowing me to ride with him to deliver competitive events. This educated me my papers when he stopped. I offered as to the necessity of time management him two pounds a week in exchange and interpersonal skills, and served as an for the ride, so with a combination of opportunity to make decisions based on determination, imagination and some the opinions and ne...
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